Utility Bills: They're Not Your Typical Invoice

Most AP departments are not staffed with the analysts it would require to identify the errors or capture the detailed cost and usage data that a company's energy managers need to make informed decisions. As a result, energy managers spend valuable time trying to track down data, monitor and validate rates and resolve billing errors. This can be costly in several ways:

  • Staff lacking utility bill expertise are unable to catch or resolve billing errors
  • Energy managers spend unnecessary time on intensive research
  • Extensive additional data entry is required to capture important utility bill information
  • Most ERP AP systems lack an automated utility bills audit tool
  • Time lost resolving billing errors can result in late or shut-off fees

Harness your energy information and reduce costs

Our Extend Utility solution enables your organization to optimize energy costs with extensive invoice audits, line-item utility usage capture and robust reporting and analysis. Establishing an energy management plan and implementing cost-effective energy conservation opportunities can contribute significantly to your bottom line.

The Extend Utility Solution can improve your business performance by-

  • Enabling your organization to conduct more than 40 standard utility bill audit checks
  • Proving robust reporting and analysis tools capable of creating more than 200 standard reports, including those related to rates and tariffs
  • Giving you access to real-time energy cost data
  • Allowing you to predict energy usage with built-in, weather-tracking tools
  • Helping your organization become greener by giving you access to Energy Star benchmarking tools
The Extend Utility Solution can improve your controls and insure your compliance through-

  • Extensive bill audits
  • Maximum cost analysis based on comprehensive benchmarking tools and data
  • Complete process audit trail
The Extend Utility Solution can help your business save money because-

  • Implementation can be done quickly and easily
  • Utility bill late fees and other related payment penalties are minimized
  • Extensive usage data analysis results in better managed energy costs
  • You can leverage eXtend bill-paying economies of scale

Extend makes the transition easy

Extend's automated invoice processing solution makes it easy to transition to an electronic accounts payable environment.

  • No custom programming required
  • Implementations are quick and easy
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing systems
  • Modular architecture enables flexible phase-in approach

Integrate and automate your entire Purchase-to-Pay process

Learn how the Extend Product Suite can be integrated to create a full-service Accounts Payable Solution: