Managing suppliers takes time

Managing your suppliers is a resource-intensive task that can distract you from focusing on delivering core business value to your clients and customers.

  • Responding to supplier inquiries takes time
  • Many businesses lack established, effective communication channels with their suppliers
  • Many businesses do not offer their suppliers self-serve forums
  • Tracking invoices and following up manually takes time

Let suppliers serve themselves

Our Extend Supplier solution is an information portal for the receipt, processing and recording of supplier invoices. The system enables suppliers to enter invoices directly into the portal (as applicable) and follow the status of invoices throughout the entire process. The portal allows for more efficient communication between supplier and buyer and simplifies the entire process for your AP staff as well as for your suppliers.

Extend Supplier can improve your business performance by-

  • Eliminating time-consuming tracking tasks
  • Giving suppliers a framework which they can serve themselves
  • Accelerating the approval process and reducing payment inquiries
  • Enabling faster and more practical reporting
  • Giving you real-time access to the status of all invoices in flow
  • Minimizing manual data entry errors with portal invoice submission
Extend Supplier can improve your controls and ensure compliance through-

  • Maximum efficiency with process visibility
  • Maximum control with process transparency
  • Integration with compliance and legislation requirements
  • Unique login and password-protected supplier portal
Extend Supplier can save your business money because-

  • Implementation can be done quickly
  • Your organization is freed up to focus on adding value to other services and processes
  • Suppliers answer many questions on their own, minimizing your staff cost to do so
  • Our flexible parameter configurations can be easily adapted to your evolving business needs
  • Seamless integration allows you to leverage your existing IT investments
  • Stream-lined processes improve productivity

Extend makes the transition easy

Extend's automated supplier solution makes it easy to transition to an electronic supplier self-serve environment.

  • No custom programming required
  • Implementations are quick and easy
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing systems
  • Modular architecture enables flexible phase-in approach

Integrate and automate your entire Purchase-to-Pay process

Learn how the Extend Product Suite can be integrated to create a full-service Accounts Payable Solution: