Our Extend Invoice solution optimizes process performance in financial departments and business units, enabling your organization to focus on creating added value for your clients. With Extend Invoice your business can automate the entire invoice-handling process, including paper-based and e-invoicing data capture, invoice-purchase order matching, review and approval workflow, and payment transfer.

Our Extend Utility solution enables your organization to optimize energy costs with extensive invoice audits, line-item utility usage capture and robust reporting and analysis. Establishing an energy management plan and implementing cost-effective energy conservation opportunities can contribute significantly to your bottom line.

Our Extend Remit solution leverages payment-processing economies of scale to eliminate the high costs of paper check processing, reduces labor, alleviates check fraud and facilitates positive cash management. Additionally Extend Remit makes it easier to transition your vendors to ACH, provide detail payment remittance and provide positive pay security files to your bank.

Our Extend Analysis solution provides financial and non-financial metrics to quantify objectives and reflect the strategic performance of your organization. These metrics serve as the active link between strategy and operational performance. Extend Analysis enables you to gain real improvements in quality, productivity and customer service.

Document Management
Our Extend Document solution eliminates your paper management hassles on Day 1. Our solution provides your organization with a transactional audit trail and rapid access to documents and their histories. Its focus on efficiency enables you to comply with mandatory legislation and achieve a return on investment.