Check processing wastes money

Accounts payable processes that are still organized around internally produced paper checks eat into profits needlessly. Check processing tasks are expensive, manual, and carry the ever-present risk of fraud.

  • Every check costs approximately $2.00 or more to print and mail
  • Check fraud costs billions of dollars annually
  • Clumsy manual approval cycles delay payments and slash early payment discounts
  • Paper records require excessive staff for processing, filing, and document search
  • Time-consuming reconciliations are rarely 100% accurate

Eliminate the high costs of checks

Our Extend Remit solution leverages payment-processing economies of scale to eliminate the high costs of paper check processing, reduces labor, alleviates check fraud and facilitates positive cash management. Additionally Extend Remit makes it easier to transition your vendors to ACH, provide detail payment remittance and provide positive pay security files to your bank.

Extend Remit can improve your business performance by-

  • Eliminating time-consuming processing tasks
  • Automating payment tracking with ACH
  • Improving cash management with positive pay
  • Replacing expensive check forms with check form templates
  • Creating more functional reports more quickly
  • Using ACH to issue remittances automatically
Extend Remit can improve your controls and ensure compliance through-

  • Separation of duties between your AP team and Extend
  • Secured and controlled check stock
  • Secured and password-protected ACH processing
  • Positive pay
  • Digitized check-signing flexibility
  • Complete process audit trails
  • Integration with compliance and legislative requirements
Extend Remit can help your business save money because-

  • It facilitates ACH conversion with your vendors
  • You can leverage Extend's check-processing economies of scale
  • Implementation can be done quickly
  • Our flexible parameter configurations can be easily adapted to your evolving business needs
  • You will minimize the cost of handling supplier inquiries
  • Seamless integration allows you to leverage existing IT investments
  • Stream-lined processes improve productivity

Extend makes the transition easy

Extend's automated invoice processing solution makes it easy to transition to an electronic accounts payable environment.

  • No custom programming required
  • Implementations are quick and easy
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing systems
  • Modular architecture enables flexible phase-in approach

Integrate and automate your entire Purchase-to-Pay process

Learn how the Extend Product Suite can be integrated to create a full-service Accounts Payable Solution: