Inefficient, manual processes begin with purchasing

Inefficient, manual, paper-based purchasing processes burden your business from the beginning to end of the procure-to-pay cycle.

  • Processing paper purchase orders manually takes a lot of time
  • Approvals can often be delayed
  • Documents may become lost or misplaced
  • The entire process lacks visibility
  • All of this can contribute to poor relationships with suppliers

Get on board with process automation at the onset

Our Extend Purchase solution enables your organization to optimize the buying process, saving time and money. By introducing organized procurement processes, you'll have a solid foundation in place for improving the rest of the purchase process relating to receiving goods and automating payments.

Extend Purchase can improve your business performance by-

  • Creating optimal purchasing processes
  • Using more robust reporting and analysis tools
  • Enabling suppliers to take advantage of self services
  • Improving coordination throughout the supply chain
Extend Purchase can improve your controls and ensure compliance through-

  • Multi-level approvals and workflows
  • Maximum control with robust approval management tools
  • Complete process audit trails
  • Integration with compliance and legislative requirements
Extend Purchase can help your business save money because-

  • Implementation can be done very quickly
  • Our flexible parameter configurations can be easily adapted to your evolving business needs
  • Improved visibility allows you to more easily take advantage of discounts and avoid penalties
  • Stream-lined processes improve productivity
  • Robust approval/rights tools deliver better automated control management

Extend makes the transition easy

Extend's automated purchasing solution makes it easy to transition to an electronic purchasing environment.

  • No custom programming required
  • Quick and easy implementations
  • Seamless integration existing systems
  • Modular architecture for flexible phase-in approach

Integrate and automate your entire Purchase-to-Pay process

Learn how the Extend Product Suite can be integrated to create a full-service Accounts Payable Solution: